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    You literally have an advantage that you pay for over other players. Sure it is not damaging the economy but it hurts the Buy OSRS gold overall health and integrity of the participant community, and that is how MMOs begin to fall apart. He said it himself, every second makes a difference.

    How would you feel if you have singled out as a pking clan is waiting on a scout bot for you instead of them just happening ? You have the chance that they won’t even locate you, and with this bot you just need to hope they don’t pick you, but they know full well you are there and what you’ve, whilst everyone else is blind.

    It’s people using services such as this, and utilizing pvp for a way to use others, that give genuine pkers a bad name.These will also be the Rs gold specific same people that will complain and shout about”why is the wilderness dying??? HURR DURR PLS JAMFLEX mend wildy, it’s certainly the content why no one wants to move there and not shitty behaviour like scout bots and abusing things such as spearing someone into multi, etc.” These are the people partly responsible the wilderness got removed back then.

    Yeah anyone risking bank in gear out from the wildy is simply asking for trouble, but this is just some shitty justification for his actions so he doesn’t need to take responsibility for them afterwards. Not everyone would like to perform with the bare minimum. They don’t have to risk loot world hopping.

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