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    I am sure that quite a lot of people know something about a hot program, Man VS Wild and definitely would be familiar with the hero that stand on the top of food cycle, Bear Grylls. In that wild environment, what Bears has, in addition to its surviving skill, is powerful surviving tools, including one, the Breitling Emergency II that was produced in 1995 and in the 2014 Watch Fair, Breitling replica once again launched it, and this is an amazing feat. Now let’s get familiar to this magic wand.

    Comparing to the former one, the Breitling Emergency II has great changes in its sizes, increasing from 43 mm to the 51 mm, a big leap. Titanium metal case make it light but durable and anti-magnetic and anti-corrosion. Luminous hands and time indexes guarantee that readings will be clear at any terrible situation. Overall, it expresses its hardness in every possible way.

    When the Emergency was first rolled out in 1995, it is an emergency signal sender. Back then, it can sends signal at the international aviation emergency frequency so that people can better and quickly carry out rescue. Gradually, this function has proved its value and become the representative of reliability. But now the frequency of 121.5 MHz gradually come to its end and now the 406 MHz will take the place and that’s why Breitling rolled out this Breitling Emergency II. It has a higher capacity and become more secure when transmit messages and reduce the number of sending wrong error code. When you are going to send the emergency code, you should pull out the antenna at both sides and then charge the battery, finally, the emergency signal will be sent alternatively in the following 24 hours. The unique performance is destined to a watch for minority people who want an adventurous life.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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