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    Patek Philippe is considered a tradition watch brand, and for any modern company, innovation is required. I can help thinking about what Patek Philippe would be like in the next 100 years. This Patek Philippe complication watch is definitely inspired by the Bauhaus designing beauty and reflects its simplicity. The dial is clean and has better readability. What’s more, it has a perfect proportion. 5235 is considered to be a standard watch, and the reason is obvious.

    Among all the Swiss replica watches uk, I still believe that we have other Patek Philippe standard watch, but this is the first one that I have experienced. Standard watch is designed upon the watch producer, and it needs a precise clock to serve as reference. The mail dial is preserved for second, while the hour and minute hand is preserved for the small dial. The thin blue hand become obviously contrast to the minute track. Patek Philippe chooses special alligator skin belt for the buckle. don’t you like it? 260 series movement has automatic rotor on it and the rotor is made of 22k gold, and has 60 hours of energy reserve. 5235 is a powerful one, and technologically impressive. In my opinion, this is the Patek Philippe man watch.

    5130G has a 39.5mm of the diameter, a medium size. Patek Philippe has even sizes among its watches. Although I would not give my thought to such a small watch, it did has great meaning to Patek Philippe. The long lug appears to be bigger and quite shining. The case and processing on the appearance is also impressive, just like everybody else expects. 5130G has a Patek Philippe home-made HU automatic winding movement. This is a thin movement, and it only measures 3.88 mm. Looking at the Gyromax balance wheel. Movement offers the local time and second time zone.

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