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    As a first Day One WoW Classic participant ago. I can say. Being a teen in grade nine. I immediately destroyed my entire life because of buy wow classic gold. I fell out of college…. twice. Missing 3 jobs due to raids and”I want perform more”. General.

    But the memories and friendships I made in these years, still hold strong to the day. Found out we both lived in precisely the city. Met up after two years of internet play. We have families, jobs, lives, and still play games online. While I needed to quit cold turkey and mend my entire life at 21. (First child was due) I don’t regret those years of my life, dispite the bad decisions I made back then. I’d really like to have to re-experience WoW Classic back now that I’m more mature and have my priorities straight.

    The classic experience from EQ but buy gold wow classic eu as well, were all epic. No folks are essentially bots to you. They do not matter. They are insta-queue-dungeon-spam nothings which come and go as you need. You can solo insta-queue everything and every thing else. Don’t understand how he is CEO.

    No one asked for the BUGS and PROBLEMS from WoW Classic code and engine from yesterday. They’re asking for a game that needs coordination and socialization to play’s EXPERIENCE with. Not a watered down snooze-fest game that wipes your buttocks, puts food on your mouth and holds your hands so you do have to do over simply spit to perform with it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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