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    Bottle Rocket Construction Instructions rocket. Please note that both the nose cone and decorations are optional. Plastic Easter Egg or Ping Pong Ball.
    How to Build a Bottle Rocket With a Parachute. First you will want to drink any of the soda inside your soda bottles. The nose cone is the top of the rocket.
    Steps. Roll a piece of paper into a cone. Wrap the nose cone with duct tape. Attach the nose cone to the bottom of the bottle. Take thin cardboard and cut out 3-4 triangles. Add ballast to give the rocket weight. Fill up the bottle with water. Make a very small hole through a cork. Stuff the cork into the bottle
    An easy method for creating nosecones for water rockets. Bottle; Glue; Nosecone tip (plastic egg or something similar); Tools Required: Scissors; Hobby Knife
    The challenge: Some teams, designs and launches from NPL’s Water Rocket Challenge. Photo C re d its: Pho of the nose. • Some corrugated cardboard, or better still, corrugated plastic. Now you need to add a nose cone and some finsAn empty plastic bottle (2L coke bottle style) BOTTLE ROCKET. Instructions Cut a foam pool noodle to create a bumper for the nose of the rocket. 2. Glue or
    Attach nose cones to 3 of the 4 bottles using hot glue. Make fins for the rockets by folding a 5” by 8” index card in half and then cutting it into the shape of a triangle. Attach 4 fins evenly spaced to each rocket using scotch tape. Fill 1 rocket with exactly half a liter of water.

    The nose cone must go through the air easier than the body of the rocket. Once the nose cone separates it must remain linked to the body of the rocket. PROCEDURE: Background: Students will build a rocket made from a typical 2-liter soda bottle.
    Water rockets use water and pressurized air to launch a soda bottle(s) 100’s of over the bottom of the other bottle – this becomes the nose cone of the rocket.

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